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Style Diary #10

Time, such a valuable word in life yet a concept that I feel is often overlooked by society. Especially, when it comes to finding time for yourself. People often think that spending time alone is depicted as being lonely or sad, or being anti-social. But in all reality, spending time by yourself is a way of disconnecting from the world, and simply just enjoying your own company. In a world were at times were blown through life like a kite in the wind, getting caught up in our daily routine, I decided to break that so called cycle and take some time for myself. My inspiration came from a beautiful tiny package at my doorstep.

Coming home from work and finding this rich dark sandalwood Jord watch, was really exciting and I couldn’t wait to try it on. It certainly is a stunning timepiece, with a unique feminine feel that fits nicely on your wrist. I was completely transfixed in its all-natural wooden beauty, as I began to ponder time and its ultimate limitedness and persistence. Time for breakfast, time for work, time for rush hour, time for dinner, and time for bed is what shapes our everyday reality in most circumstances. But the question is, “Where is time for us?” Realizing this, I challenged myself, to include a bit of ME time in my everyday routine. At moments, it was just 5-10 minutes staring at the clouds, or taking a 15-minute walk or simply getting lost in the beauty of a sunset. It wasn’t about the length of time that you spend to yourself, but the actual quality of the moment to appreciate not just life, but yourself. It was a beautiful experience to take a few moments, to truly dedicate to myself, where I was able to hit the refresh button on life.

Who would of thought that a lightweight ultra chic wood watch would inspire such a life changing experience? I encourage all of you to experience the same magic as I did. So lets steal a few moments of normal and give it back to ourselves. We truly deserve to have quiet moments where we can reflect on the beauty of our life. A quote by Oprah Winfrey that resonates with me is, “ Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of the world so I can hear my own.” Take the time to hear your own voice, we deserve it. I love you all.


Love always,

Simply Cecille


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