Sweater Weather

Style Diary #13

It’s that cozy time of the year, where we start to incorporate fall pieces into our wardrobe, such as scarves, jackets, boots, and so much more. But, when you live in the beautiful city of Miami, where we technically don’t get to experience the traditional fall weather like in other cities, we have to make do with whatever low temperatures we can get. So a perfect fix for that is to include sweater dresses in to your fall wardrobe, trust me it will certainly be a staple that you will be obsessed with and that you won’t want to take off. The beauty of sweater dresses is that there are various styles, and you will surely find one (or a few) that you will love.  Fitted, oversized, long, short, and turtleneck dresses are just a few of the styles that you can find during this fall and winter season.  Who doesn’t love a cozy and chic look, styled into a sweater dress, I mean it’s a win, win situation, don’t you think?

Take this sweater dress, it is the perfect silhouette because it has an oversized style up top, while having a more form fitting look in the hip area. I also love the fact, that it is off-the shoulder so it gives it a flirty feel.  The sleeves on this sweater dress are to die for, because they have this billowy effect that just drape and hug your arms at the same time.  Sweater dresses are definitely that perfect go to outfit from fall into the winter months because of how versatile and easy they are to style, without putting so much effort.  You can pair it with just about anything with some sleek boots, heels, or some flats. As the temperature drops you can wear some tights, a coat, and a scarf and it will transition smoothly into the winter months. Whichever way, you plan to style it; it will certainly be beautiful and effortless.  So tell me how are you going to style your sweater dress this fall and winter?

Love always,

Simply Cecille


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