A Black and White Holiday Affair

Style Diary #12

Can you believe, that the end of the year is almost here? I can’t even fathom the fact that in a few weeks we will be full swing in the holiday spirit celebrating Thanksgiving, then Christmas and then the New Year. I love the holidays, (I mean who doesn’t) and everything that comes with it.  I feel that when the holidays come along, it brings a sense of magical enchantment, to the air that is undeniably beautiful. From the lights, to the music, décor, food (we can’t forget about FOOD), Christmas trees but overall the essence of tradition is what I love the most. Especially sharing traditions with your loved ones, your family.  Spending time with family is one of the most beautiful feelings that one can experience, especially during the holiday season.  One tradition, apart from the million other traditions my family shares, is dressing up for the occasion. My family is pretty laid back with just about everything, but during the holidays we like to feel extra special by taking some time to feel festive. I mean who doesn’t like to dress up, especially for the holidays.

This holiday season, I will be wearing this gorgeous black and white, deep V maxi dress from Make Me Chic. Now, to be honest with you I have always had an affair with pieces that are black and white, so when I saw this dress I knew it was love at first sight and I had to have it ASAP. The overall contrast between the two colors is beautiful and they truly compliment each other.  The twist knotted detail in the front of the dress gives it that extra feminine touch, while the slit certainly gives it a vivacious look. So all in all, this dress is a perfect staple for the holidays. I wore as well a lovely black and white choker, that is super versatile and can be worn a few different ways and finished it off with a classic red lip. Now, I know what you may be thinking, it has this deep plunging neckline, that may be too much for your taste. Well let me give you some styling tips: you can wear it with a cute lacey bralette (which will give it an extra touch of femininity) or you can wear a leather jacket (to give it an edgier look, but at the same time it will give it a sense of mystery). Any way that you end up styling it, it will look amazing. I actually wanted to wear a black leather jacket with it, but let’s me honest, I’m in Miami and it isn’t cool enough for that yet. Oh, yes and one more thing, can you believe that this dress is literally less than $20.00 it is super inexpensive but the overall quality is perfect. Thanks for stopping by. Tell me what are some of your holiday traditions and what will you be wearing this holiday season? Besos.


Love always,

Simply Cecille


I want to thank Make Me Chic for sponsoring this post.


Make Me Chic sent the black and white maxi dress reviewed in this blog post, it is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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